• Receipt for Petticoats delivered to Elizabeth Marbery, Chamberer to Queen Elizabeth

    This is a single folded folio of paper, with the outside edge torn. Some of the words are half-gone or missing. My best guesses for missing words and letters have been inserted into the citations in brackets [].

    The recipient(s) of these petticoats are unknown. There are listings in the wardrobe accounts for relining two petticoats similar to two of those in this list, but there are no references to the other four. It is also unusual for an order of garments such as these to be delivered to a chamberer rather than kept with the wardrobe. It is possible that the petticoats were destined for recipients other than the queen.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1565


xxiiiio Junii Regine Eliz viimo

Petycoates delyuered to Mrs E[lizabeth] Marbery one of the Chamberers to [the] Quenes maiestie to her highness by Rauf Hope yeoman of the Robes

Fyrst one Petycoate of crymsen Satten razed [with] a brode border enbraudered with siluer & frenged lyned with unshorne vellat. Sidebar: And the sayd petycot delyvered to Mrs Dorothe

Item one Petycoate of crymsen taphata allour layed with a Cawle of golde and siluer

Item one Petycoate of crymsen cloth of golde reyzed with unshorne vellat frenged with golde and silke

Item one Petycoate of crymsen tuft taphata with a border enbraudered with siluer

Item one Petycoate of crymsen vellat cutt upon gold sarceonet with a border enbraudered with venice golde frenged and lyned with taphata

Item one Petycoate of crymsen Grograne with two br[oad] borders of lase of crymsen silke and golde layed aboute the Skyrts and bodyes<

Elyzabeth Marbry

[torn off]...custody and keping of Elizabethe Marbery<