Bill for a French Gown and Kirtle (damaged and torn)

To Mr Williamson the 8th (torn off)
For making a gowne of the french? torn off
for some silk to the same (torn off)
for Buckram to the same (torn off)
for iii yards I qrters of bayes to line the gown at iis iiiid the yardde
or fustion to line the gown at the t(torn of)
and for the sleves pokets and Stay? ( torn off)
for tafetie to line the Jages (torn)
for lace to bind the Jages and (torn)
for rebin to bind the Sleves and to set by the jages & for the face.
for stifninge of the coller and bodies (torn)
for making a kyrte (torn) stomeger of taffetie (torn)
for ii owncis & qr of (torn) of lace at (torn)
for Bayes to line (torn)ell wth (unreadable)
for brode Rebin for...(torn) Rebin for ye kyrtell
for fustion and st(torne) to the same
for Buckram and past bord vd
for makinge a strait bodied gowne iis
for sowing silk to the same xviiid
for viii yards & a qrter of cotton at viiid to line the gowne & stomacke & role at vs vid
for Buckram to the same ?illegible
for canvas to line the bodies & to styfin viiid
for taftie lace & plaine lace for the jags iis iiiid
for the faces and silke to tufte ye jages (illegible)
for tafyta to line the jages & to face ye bdies xs id
for twest to whip the bodies vid
for fustion to line the Sleves and for the bodies & pokets
for a qrter and halfe of more stuffe at iiis xiiid
for a Buske for the gowne iiiid
sum is iiili iiis viiid

Citation Type  Bill/Receipt
Citation Year 1590