Shoemaker's Bill

Itm payed to the Shoemaker iiiis vid
Itm for Ryben id
Itm for the boyes shoes xiiiid
Itm for a suyete of apparel for Jacke xiid
Itm for poyntes for Jacke iiid
Itm for 4 paire of sockes xvid
Itm for bandes for Jacke iiis
Itm for 3 dosen of poyntes xviiid
Itm for a yearde & a qr of satten xvis
Itm for ii yeardes hafe of blake velvet xl xis vid
Itm for iii yeards hafe of Blake satten at xiiis iiid xlvis viid
Itm for a ell qr of blake taffety sarsnet at viiis xis
Itm for qr & hafe of black taffety at viis iiiis vid

Citation Type  Bill/Receipt
Citation Year 1590