• Mr Orme's Bills from Tailors, Haberdashers, etc.

    This loose, miscellaneous collection of bills and receipts is at the Public Records office (SP46/188, items 36-67). The state of the bills varies widely, as does their readability. Some are torn with parts missing, others waterstained, others hastily scrawled in very bad handwriting.

    Most are undated. The two dated ones are for 1585 and 1593. so I have a given a date of c. 1590 to the remaining collections.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    SP 46/188/34-67
    Published in 1590
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


Shoemaker's Bill

Itm payed to the Shoemaker iiiis vid
Itm for Ryben id
Itm for the boyes shoes xiiiid
Itm for a suyete of apparel for Jacke xiid
Itm for poyntes for Jacke iiid
Itm for 4 paire of sockes xvid
Itm for bandes for Jacke iiis
Itm for 3 dosen of poyntes xviiid
Itm for a yearde & a qr of satten xvis
Itm for ii yeardes hafe of blake velvet xl xis vid
Itm for iii yeards hafe of Blake satten at xiiis iiid xlvis viid
Itm for a ell qr of blake taffety sarsnet at viiis xis
Itm for qr & hafe of black taffety at viis iiiis vid

Bill for Linen and a Brush

It for a ell of Cambroke viis vid
It for a ell of Holland vis vid
It for a heayed brushe vd

Bill for silk fabrics and lace

Inprimis of blacke silke grogera vi yards and halfe and halfe a qr at viis iiiid the yarde xs viiid
Item of blacke sarsenet ii els halfe and halfe a qr at vis the elle xvs ixd
Boutons iii doz xviiid
Lace and silke ii oz iiis viiid
By one Nicholas Williamson

Layd out for my Ant Deta

Inprimis for 7 yards of gold lace 7 s
Itm for 8 boutons xiid
Itm an oz di qr of granado silk iis iiiid
Itm a payre of Popingey stockins.
Sum xvs iiiid

For my Cos. Pearshal

For iii yardes halfe of white bonelace xixd
Itm ii yards of blacke and white bonelace. Xiid
Itm iii yards halfe of blacke and white bonelace viid
Itm liiii gold rings vs
Itm iiii garnishe of boutons xd
For ye ....stocks. Xii d
Sum. Xs

For my Cosin Fetyplaie (?)

For ii yardes halfe of blacke and white bonelace xvd
For ii yards of freisado viis
For ye white stockins viiis
For blacke taffeta xs
For lace xiiiid
For makinge iiiid

For my Cosin W. Pershal.

For his hat viii vid

Itm to Mr Williamson

for ii yardes & a half Of fine beuer collor brode cloth at xxs

A note of Mr Nicholas Williamson Percels

iii yards of blacke vellitt at 22s iiili vis
x yards of tafitie at xs vli
vi yards of million fustion at 3s4d xxs
viii yards of white homes viiis
xiii yards of russet homes at 10d xsxd
ii li of medill bombast at 8d xvid
i li di of fine bombast at 18d iis iiid
iii dossen of sylke & gould button iiix vid
vi yards di qr of grene sarge xvis iiiid
i yard of white sarsnett vs
i yard of seale? Canvas xd
ii shering candles iis
i felt for him selfe ixs vid
iii yards i qr of satten at 13s 4d xliiis iiiid
i yard di ellne of fustion vs vd
viii yards of grene durance xviiis viiid
xiii yards of Lace iiiis viiid
ii dossen of sylke points iis
1 yard di of blacke sarsnett
i yard of lace vis
xi yards of canvas iiiis vid
i payer of stockins iis iiiid
iii dossen of tufted buttons xviiid
v yards of grene saye at iis vid xiis vid
1 yard di ellne of grene buckram xxiid
ii yards of wyar & xviii Ringes viiid
i payre of French hosse xiis
i payre of French garters iis xd
i gerdill for his wife iis iid
i pare of stockins for the boye xxd
i felt for him xxiid
Lent unto you in mony vi li
Payd unto mr Gyllatt for you xliiiis
in grene thred to the tayler iiid
di li of cendls wth the makinge of the ... iiis iiiid
Pd for a payre of powes xxd
i ellne iiiqr of canvis iiis vid
vi yards of clothe for lyninge & drawinge out of hosse & dublett
i yard of stent[ing] Canvis viiid
ii li of bumbast xxd
In sheringe candle & iii neals tafitie vis
iii dossen buttons & iii skays sylke
For Roange & susen??? vid
For makinge the doblett iiiis
i li of starch vid
iii beuer thred iid

Bill for Shoes and Making a Canopy

iii yards iii qr of saye more .....[illegible amount]
For i pompe & slippers iiiid
for the top of yt iiiid
i qr of sele buckram iiiid
ii yards di of fustion viiis iiiid
ii yards di ellne of whyte janes iis vid
di li of fyne bumbast xid
i qr di of corrse canvis iiiid
1 yard di of cotten xiid
v yards of grene jackes iiid
For in. grene thrid iiid
For makinge the cannapie iiiis vid
1 yard of ii d brood riban iid
Pd for makinge your posr iis vid
Summ. Is xxxiili viis viid

Tailor's Bill for Gown and Stomacher

To Mr Williamson the xxiii daye of november 1585
For making ms. Ann Mordens lyle grograine gowne & stomacher viiis
For iii yeardes of bayes to the same gowne at iis viiid the yearde viiis
For stefnynge to steffon the winges & coller & the shoulders and to steffon the stomacher xiid
For fustian for the stomacher iiiid
Sm xxiis iiiid
Resiaved [illegible]

Bill for Fabrics

Imprimis iii yards of wachet leven [taffata] by Jacke vis
It xii dossen of silke buttons iiis vid
It i oz i qr of [hole in paper] & grenesilke iiis
It iii dossen [hole in paper] buttons xviiid
It i qr di of riche taffata iiis ixd
It i yerde of hollande iis viiid
It iiii yards of jenes ffustion iiiis
[hole] of blacke silke [torn off]
[torn off] Julie 1 yard of [torn off]
[torn off]

Tailor's Bill for Hose and Doublet

It v yards of holmes Fustion viiis iiiid
It v yards of cloth at 8d iiis iiiid
It iii dossen of buttons ixd
It 1 ell of stret canvis xiid
It iiii skaines of silke vid
It i qr of [hole in paper] vid
It ii searingecandle id
It ii lb di of bumbaste xxd
It i wastebande id
For makinge hose and dublet for jack iiiis vid
[ripped off]

Bill for linen work

Item one wrought aperne alever att xvis
Item one gould stomacher att xvis
Item one dosen camberyke bandes xiis
Item one peare boote hose xviiid
Item iii camberyke handkerkers att iiis
Item ii pear of Sockes at xiid
Som xlviis vid
yet to pay viis vid
Item iii pear of Sockes more at xviiid
ixs yet to pay

Bill for Mr Crawford's Daughters

On Mr Crawfords daughters xiiis
Itm for ii wrought capps vs
Itm for my black silke stockins xxxs
Itm for a combe case and purse for my wife viis
Itm for a payre of gloues for my selfe & my wife vs
Itm for iii doz of poincts xviiid
Itm for my cloake xxvs
Itm to the Barbr xiid
Itm at Kirby iis
Itm to mr Orme for my apparrell vil iiiis viiid

Aparrell for the boy

Aparrell for the boy viis vid
Itm for 4 payre of sockes xvid
Itm 4 bands for the boy iiis
Itm for a truncke ixs
Itm for my sarcenet hatt xis vid
Itm for my garters vs vid
Itm for my white stockins viiis viiid
Itm for Joycis goune xv s
Itm for my shirt and linnen bootehose viiis iid

Bill for Misc Clothing and Haberdashery

itm ii yardes & a halfe of Lawne xiiis vid
itm an other yarde of lane viiis vid
itm ii elnes of hollande vs
itm a maske iis iiiid
itm 2750 pynnes iis vid
item greyne & Red silke ffringe vs
itm Grene silke & crymson lace vs
itm crimson duraunce 5 yardes 3 qrs xiiis
itm ii yardes & a halfe of grene bayes iiiis vid
itm xvten nayles of grene vellet xis viiid
itm a bone grace of blacke vellet ixs
itm for a maske iis iiiid
itm for 2 payer of bootes xiiis xid
itm a whale bone body viiis
itm halfe a Ream of demy pap viis
itm a Ream of Ordinnarye pap vs iiiid
Itm 2 pap bookes xiid
itm for gilded pap vid
itm for partchment vid
itm for makynge the petycoate for buckaram and for ffustian iiiis xd
itm for ffrenche sleves iiis
itm Grene and Crymson silk an Ounce iiis ixd
itm for halfe an Ounce of Golde wyer iis ixd
item for sywinge your Stockyns xviiid
itm for 2 Rybbatou Wyers xvid
itm for Poulton his Abridgment vs
itm for your pantafles xviiid
Su xviili iiiid

Bill for a French Gown and Kirtle (damaged and torn)

To Mr Williamson the 8th (torn off)
For making a gowne of the french? torn off
for some silk to the same (torn off)
for Buckram to the same (torn off)
for iii yards I qrters of bayes to line the gown at iis iiiid the yardde
or fustion to line the gown at the t(torn of)
and for the sleves pokets and Stay? ( torn off)
for tafetie to line the Jages (torn)
for lace to bind the Jages and (torn)
for rebin to bind the Sleves and to set by the jages & for the face.
for stifninge of the coller and bodies (torn)
for making a kyrte (torn) stomeger of taffetie (torn)
for ii owncis & qr of (torn) of lace at (torn)
for Bayes to line (torn)ell wth (unreadable)
for brode Rebin for...(torn) Rebin for ye kyrtell
for fustion and st(torne) to the same
for Buckram and past bord vd
for makinge a strait bodied gowne iis
for sowing silk to the same xviiid
for viii yards & a qrter of cotton at viiid to line the gowne & stomacke & role at vs vid
for Buckram to the same ?illegible
for canvas to line the bodies & to styfin viiid
for taftie lace & plaine lace for the jags iis iiiid
for the faces and silke to tufte ye jages (illegible)
for tafyta to line the jages & to face ye bdies xs id
for twest to whip the bodies vid
for fustion to line the Sleves and for the bodies & pokets
for a qrter and halfe of more stuffe at iiis xiiid
for a Buske for the gowne iiiid
sum is iiili iiis viiid