The annexed schedule of goods

gowns, viz.
of tawny velvett furred with blacke bowge ;

tawny velvett lyned with bokeram and turned up with blacke saten ;

blacke saten torned up with crymsen velvett ;

blacke damaske torned up with mynkys ;

blacke cloth lyned with tafata and tarned up with tawny velvett ;

black cloth forred with powdered armyns ;

puke torned up with blacke velvett ;

two of chamlett torned up with tawny velvett, and one of rossels lyned with fryseads ;

8 yardes of lynyng for a gowne of georgicane ;

kyrtylles of blacke saten, tawny saten, rossett saten, rossert damaske, blacke chamlett and blacke rossels ;

two scarlett petycotes ;

a mantell of cony forre graye ;

a scarlett cloke gardet with blacke velvett ;

a clok of marble cloth with a hode of the same ;

6 payre of hoase ;

a nyght gowne of blacke chamlett forred with fyne graye and facett with foynes ;

a partlet of blacke velvett with powdered armyns and a boton of fyne golde mannyled with a whyte rose ;

a bonett of velvett with a ryche garnese of sylkewomons worke, and an egge of perle and bedes of golde betwene and a frontlett of golde ;

a playne bonett with a negge of golde of goldsmythes worke and perle and a frontlett of tawny velvett with a nowche of gold and oon stone in'the middest and perle and 3 great pedes hangyng thereat ;

a frontlett of purpull velvett ;

5 playne frontletts of velvett;

a square of goldsmyths werke and perle ;

a square with 3 rowes of perle ;

a square of sylkewomons worke and sett with perle ;

a coveryng of tawny velvett for a sadell with all the harnes and bosses belongyng to the same

Notes (S.C.P., Henry VIII, Vol. xiii., fo. 173)
Citation Type  Statute/Legal Document
Citation Year 1545