• Seizure of Clothing at Dutton

    From the records of the court of the Starre chamber. A woman's clothing was seized, everything other than the simple gown she wore.

    The record society for the publication of original documents relating to Lancashire and cheshire, Volume LXXI for the year 1916-1917
    Cases in the Court of the Star Chamber.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1540
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


The annexed schedule of goods

gowns, viz.
of tawny velvett furred with blacke bowge ;

tawny velvett lyned with bokeram and turned up with blacke saten ;

blacke saten torned up with crymsen velvett ;

blacke damaske torned up with mynkys ;

blacke cloth lyned with tafata and tarned up with tawny velvett ;

black cloth forred with powdered armyns ;

puke torned up with blacke velvett ;

two of chamlett torned up with tawny velvett, and one of rossels lyned with fryseads ;

8 yardes of lynyng for a gowne of georgicane ;

kyrtylles of blacke saten, tawny saten, rossett saten, rossert damaske, blacke chamlett and blacke rossels ;

two scarlett petycotes ;

a mantell of cony forre graye ;

a scarlett cloke gardet with blacke velvett ;

a clok of marble cloth with a hode of the same ;

6 payre of hoase ;

a nyght gowne of blacke chamlett forred with fyne graye and facett with foynes ;

a partlet of blacke velvett with powdered armyns and a boton of fyne golde mannyled with a whyte rose ;

a bonett of velvett with a ryche garnese of sylkewomons worke, and an egge of perle and bedes of golde betwene and a frontlett of golde ;

a playne bonett with a negge of golde of goldsmythes worke and perle and a frontlett of tawny velvett with a nowche of gold and oon stone in'the middest and perle and 3 great pedes hangyng thereat ;

a frontlett of purpull velvett ;

5 playne frontletts of velvett;

a square of goldsmyths werke and perle ;

a square with 3 rowes of perle ;

a square of sylkewomons worke and sett with perle ;

a coveryng of tawny velvett for a sadell with all the harnes and bosses belongyng to the same


(S.C.P., Henry VIII, Vol. xiii., fo. 173)

To the Kynges most royall Magesty. Humbly compleyneth your feythfull true subgyet Julyan Button, wydowe of Sir Piers Button, Knyght, that...so it is that Rauff Button, esquier,...and men of evyll dysposicion... brake open the dores of your seid subgiettes chamber in the seid hall, and brast several! chestes, coffers and presses wherein the seid goodes were then loked and layd up, and wrongfully caried the same away to secrete places
denomynate and appoynted by the said Rauff Button, who refuseth to delyver the same ageyn. Beyng a verey younge man gretly gyven to games and pastimes, and verey prodigall in excessyve expences, it is lyke he may in a short tyme utterly waste and consume these goodes. The seid riottous persons have left your subgyett no vestures to weyre upon her body savyng only oon gowne and oon kyrtle of verey course blake, which she wore at the tyme they toke the goodes from her. Wherefore etc. etc.