• Testimony of Richard Wood, Petty Chapman, regarding the source of some of his wares.

    These excerpts from the Hall Papers (volume 2, No. 51) show a petty chapman and his family justifying where they got various items in their stock. Reading between the lines, Richard Wood and family were most likely brought up on charges of buying, or fencing stolen goods.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Hall Papers, Volume II
    Published in 1598
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


Record no. 501

The said examinate (Ric. Woode, pettie chapman) being demaunded wheare he had one parcell of blacke thrid to the value of one pound, founde in his custodye at Rwell fayor last, answereth and saythe, he bought it of a Coventrye man for 18d at May Day fayor last, att his owne standing in the fayor.

Also being demaunded where he had the ii lb and dim. of thridd, viz. browne thryde, also found then in his custodye, sayth he bought all the same within ii myles of Higham Ferrys at a towne he knowethe not, and of a woman dwellinge there in a backe lane, being an old woman, and payd for i lb thereof xxd and the other xviiid.

Also being demaunded where he had the ii lb of blacke thrid, then also found in his custodye, saythe he bought it of a man of Coventry goinge in a leyther jerkyn cutt, whereof i lb he bought about 2 yeres paste, and the other at Maye daye last, and payd for one pound xviiid and the other iid

Also being demaunded where he had 1 grose of tyn buttons, then also found in his custodye, saythe he bought ii grosse of them togeyther in Leicester on a Saturday abowte 1 quarter of a yere past, and dyd geve ii payre rybbyn sylcke in exchange to the value of xviiid

Also where had you one peece of black statute tufte lace to the value of xi yardes, then also found upon you, saythe he bowght itt in Leicester of a prisoner called Roger Armeson and payd for itt, and one William Glover his keper was present at the buinge thereof.

Also where had you the iiii remenantes of colered statute lace to the value of v dosen, saythe he bought them of a man in Melton of a markytt daye abowte x weekes past and payed for the same 5s, the man he knoweth not, but was a tawle man havinge a leane face.

Also he saythe he bought i pece of blacke cheyne lace to the value of i oz and quarter at Sturbridge fayor last of a Londoner and paid for it xxd the oz

Also where had you the 12 yardes of redd crewell byllyment lace seythe he bought it at Sturbridge fayor with other more sortes of laces and paid for it iis vid the oz of a Londoner

viii payor of playing cardes bought at the said fayor and of the same, and paid for them iis

Also where had you i peece of blacke ynckell solde to the value of xii yardes, bought it with more in a rele at Sturbridge fayor, was ii yeres, and paid for it xxiid Also Leaming(ton) lace, hooks and eyes for clokes and gounes (etc)

Date: 6/20/1598

Record No. 497

The said examynate (Joan Wood) beinge demaunded where her husbond bought the lace being statute lace found in the possessyon of her husband at Rwell Fayor last, answerethe and saythe that her said husbond bought all the said lace at Melton Market with certen tufted lace, viii or 9 weekes past, of one she knowethe not, being a tawle thin faced man with a blacke beared, havinge on an old blacke cloke, who had the lace under his arme, but what her husband paid for it, she can not tell; and further shee saythe, her husbond bought the browne thrid fownde likewise at Rwell Fayor, at a towne within a mile of Higham Ferrys of a woman dwellinge there. And the blacke thrid then also found in her husbandes possessyon, she sayth was Coventrye thrid, and bought of a Coventrye man, in Leicester Markett on Palme Sundaye even.

Also she saythe, that the boxe (which is owned by William Woster) was bought at Sturbidge Fayor last with coms and cost iis

Izabell Smythe doughter in lawe to the said Woodd, seythe she was at Rwell Fayor with her father and mother, and there solde handkerchiues and bandes.

The afore said Joanne Woodd and Izabell Smythe commytted to the Queenes Maiesties gaele of the towne of Leicester, there to remayne until the next generall gaele delyverye etc

Date: 6/15/1598