• Inventory of Sir Henry Woodrington of Barwick-upon-Tweed

    Taken from Wills and Inventories from the Registry at Durham, vol II. Sir Henry was knight, marshall and governor of Berwick-upon-tweed.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1593
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD
    Probate Inventories


In Sir Henrye his chamber

Sattan cloke garded with velvett and gowld lace 4£

A sleved cloke of blacke velvett waved with lace and long buttons 30s

A short velvett cloke with lace and longe buttons 48s

i blacke velvett jerkinge, and i mandulion of grogran 30s

A mandilyon of lawnge cloth, and a paire of hose of grogran 28s

Gowld buttons 7£ 14s

i greate trunke 6s 8d

Dublitt and hose of tawnye sattan waved with gowld lace 6£ 13s 4d

Dublitt and hose of blacke sattan with hevie lace of gowld 3£

Dublitt and hose of blacke sattan with velvett and gowld twiste 3£ 6s 8d

Dublitt of blacke sattan with hose the paines velvett with gowld lace 40s

A Spanishe leather jerkinge 30s

i lesser trunke 4s

i paire of Frenche hose of blacke sattan with gowld lace 26s 8d

i black sattan dublitt and hose with velvett paines 40s

i paire of venicians of black velvett with tanye and gowld lace 30s i blacke velvette capp and ii pare of cipres garters 11s 8d

Showes and silke stockinges 33s

Worstite stockinges 10s

i pare of pistoll stringes and ii night cappes 8s 4d

i sword and dagger with girdell and hangers 10s

ii beaver hattes and i taffetye hatte 26s 8d

i tawnye sattan dublett 20s

In the wardrobe