His apperrell

On new taffitie dublett 20s

On new grogerie dublett and a pare of grogerie britches 20s

On pare of stockens and ii dubletts 6s 8d

iiii pare of worne britches 10s

On taffitie jackett laid with silke lace 20s

On chamlett jackett garded with velvett and on grogerie jackett layd with lace 26s 8d

iii worne jacketts of clothe 10s

On fine blacke cloke laid with lace 46s 8d

On new russatt cloke 20s

On gowne furred with bugg and laid with lace 40s

On gowne furred with coney 20s

One gowne of shepes colored russett 20s

On cote of plate 10s

In the great shopp.

On hundreth and a halfe of allam 30s

iiii stone of lynt 13s 4d

One barrell of honye 3£

xxii pare of wollen cardes 13s 4d

xxx yeardes of bleashed hardene 12s 6d

xxx yeardes of lynen clothe 20s

xxii yeardes of unbleashed lynen 14s 8d

vi yeards of gray russet 6s

vii pound of narrowe inckell 18s

iii pound of pipinge threde 15s

ii dosen white sewinge skene 46s

Five pound red threde and eight pound of blacke threde 14s

xvii bolts of black threde 34s

Eight pound of blewe threde 10s

Three remes of paper 10s

iii quarters of an hundred currance 20s

On dosen and a halfe plainge cardes 2s

Three brusshes 4s

On pound of russett silke 20s

On pound and a half cloves 10s

On quarter of a pound mase 3s 4d

x pound of pepper 22s 4d

x yeardes of jean fusten 7s 6d

x yeardes of grogerie 26s 8d

On grosse of pinnes 5s

Halfe a yeard and halfe a quarter of velvat 10s

xviii yeardes of grene and rede say 36s

On pound of mockeadowe croles 16d

ix yeardes of hollen clothe 27s

xi yeardes of hollen clothe 22s

xii yeardes of hollen clothe 20s

xiiii yeardes of corse lynen clothe 11s 8d

xviii yeardes of fyne dyaper 40s

xviii yeardes of narrowe dyaper for napkins 24s