His shopp

A quarter of a hunderethe hoppes 5s

A stoonne and a halfe of lint 6s

A firkinge of sooppe 9s

xix payres of mans stockinges 16s

viii payres of mans stockyngs 8s

Fyve dosen of womans hosse 40s

x yerdes of red mockyadey 10s

xii yeards of read mockyadey 16s

Thre dosin and fower yeardes of fusheon 26s

Fower dosin of doble mockyedey 55s

A peece of whit fussheon 10s

Fower dosin vi yerdes of fussheon 24s

xvi yerdes of canvis 18s

xiii yerdes of clothe 16s

x yerdes of bult clothe 4s

Eight hattes 8s

A dosin and a halfe of mans cappes 12s

A dosin womans cappes 17s

Three groosse of silke poynts 6s

Twoo pound of frynges 5s

Fyve purses of silke channdged 12d

Fyve blew cappes 2s 8d

Thre groosse and thre dosin of laisse 10s

Twoo pound of pepper 4s

xiiii yerdes of course boulte clothe 3s

xiiii dosin of narrow laisse 4s

In great raysings and asnesseads 5s

Six dosin brood laices 6s

A pound of read waxe 8s

A dosin promers and a dosin pen horns 4s

In beltes and skeenne 4s

In blacke red and blew threed 4s

In pen sheathes and inc horns 12d

In paper 2s 8d

In copper naille 2s

Twoo dosin and a half of belts 2s 6d

In parchement 5s

A dosin of hempe 5s

Halfe a dozen of lint 3s

In lether beltes and purses 2s

Six covers for steall cappes 2s

In freces 6s

Fyve yerdes of course carsey 7s

A great chist 6s 8d

For sheep skinnes more then is above exspressed 4£

In velvet and taffatye 15s

Moore in velvat and taffatye 15s