His apparrell

One gowen of blacke brod clothe double garded with velvett and fayced with bougg 7£

i turkes grogren gowen fayssed with cony fur and garded with velvett

i blacke brod clothe gowen garded 2£ 10s

i old brod clothe gowen 20s

i buffen gowen lyned with bougge 26s 8d

i blacke sattan doublett 20s

i sprusse leather gyrkin with vi sylver buttons gylt 18s

i blacke satan doublett with a leather gyrken and ii sylver buttons gylt 30s

i fustyan doublett with satan sleaves and a grogren jackatt 20s

i sylke grogren jackett with belemant lace and satan sleaves 26s 8d

i old sattan doublett ii payer of grogren bryches and a payer of old bryches 26s 8d

i felt hatt lyned with velvett 6s 8d

iii velvett nyght capes and a rond cappe 8s 6d

i clothe jackatt with belement lace and an old freaysado jackatt 16s 8d

i brode clothe clooke lyned with taffaty 30s

i greayne rydeinge cloke 13s 4d

i taffaty hatt 5s

i prevey cott with playtt sleeves and a stealle cappe 22s

i payer of newe bootes 6s 8d

Certen old apperrell 3s 4d