In apparrell

A gowne of fyne black faced with black budge 3£

A satten doublett 33s 4d

A jackett of tawny satten garded with velvett 13s 4d

A grograyne jackett withoute sleves lade with lace 6s 8d

A gowne of howsewyves clothe faced with cony 13s 4d

A sea gowne of russett 6s 8d

A cloke of husewyves spynnyng 26s 8d

An olde cloke 3s

iii olde dobletts and a fryes jerken 10s

An olde jerken 2s

iiii paire of britches 13s 4d

A wastecote 16d

A pryvie cote 13s

ii flaggs for a ship with pencers 20s

In the shoppe

Fouer dowzen of pepper at 44s the dowzen 8 16s

vi poundes of cloves at 5s per pound 30s

iiii peeces of Cotta reasons waying iiii hundreth weighte 4£

iiii peeces of Mallyga reasons contayning iii hundreth weighte at 26s 8d the hundreth 41£

A Hambroughe barrell of currens waying three hundreth and a half at 30s the hundreth 5£ 5s

A hundreth of currens 30s

xiiii poundes of white incle 56s

xii yds of lynne 12s

xvi yds of lynne 16s

xv yds of lynne 15s

xviii dowzen of playing cards of the blewe bore at 2s the dowzen 36s

A hoggeshead of vinegar 11s

A hundreth and three quarters of prewnes at 15s per hundreth 25s

ii grosse and a half of pynnes 17s 6d

ii lbs and a quarter of white incle 9s

A grosse and a half of pynnes 12s

xii lbs of skeene threed at 3s 4d per lb 40s

iii lbs of home golde at 2s per lb 6s

iii lbs and a half of redd threde at 12d per lb 3s 6d

vi ounces of safferon 12s

iiii peces of rede parchemente lace 6s

Foure schore pounde of annys sedes at 8d per lb 40s

iii lbs of commyn 18d

A lb and iiii ounces of large mace 11s

xx clouts of nedles at 14d a cloute 23s 4d

xv lbs of black anletts at 12d per lb 15s

iiii burden of stele 26s 8d

A barrell and a half of figgs weying clvi lbs at 20s per hundreth 30s

iiii stone of lynnt 20s

xiiii roules of gartering at 4s the roule 56s

viii dowzen of longe olde buttons at 4d per dowzen 2s 8d

iii grosse of redd parchemente lace 18s

viii dowzen of pynk nolles 15s

A case of boxes 2s 6d

i lb and a quarter of nutt meggs 5s

Half a pound of syster threed 8s

Half a fatt of eles 40s

A pressor 10s

A shopp chist 5s

A bauke and a paire of lattyn skales 6s 8d

iiii paire of small skales 4s

An iron bauke 16s

In weightes a hundreth and a half and xxi pounde 12s

vi ounces of synamon 3s 4d

A paire of iron rackes a porre and a pompe of iron 8s

ii way baulkes 9s

cxxi stone of beef