The wollinge clothes

One grogarane gowne faced with conny and garded with vellvete 4£

i greane clooke and other cloke of frier's graye 22s 8d

i old sattene doblete and i doblete and a pair of briches of fustiane 30s

i cotte of damaske garded with vellvete 20s

i russett taffity cotte garded with velvete 10s

i wolline gowne of cloth garded with velvete 20s

i gowne of cloth garded with vellvete 20s

i grogerene gowne garded with vellvette 13s 4d

i damaske kirtle garded with vellvette 13s 4d

i taffity kirtle garded with vellvete 6s

i sattene kirtle garded with vellvette 13s 4d

i paire of sattene sleaves and i paire of taffity sleves blank

The shoppe

In fustyan and enkell 2£ 15s

i pese of bout clothe

iiii yeardes vellure 1£ 4s

vi yeardes tuft mocado 10s

ii carpetes 1£ 4s

vi yeard of bumbace 10s

Fystyan and seckwebe 17s

iiii elles of canves 10s

iii yearde of bustian 6s 8d

vi yeardes of strippe canves 9s

viii yeardes leven taffaty 12s

v boxses of comes 6s

x elles of course canves 10s

xxv yeardes of lynen cloth 1£ 5s

ii peses of camerick

ii pesses of lyne 1£ 15s

xviii yerdes of lynen 1£ 4s

xviii yeard of course lynen 15s

vii yeardes of lynen 14s

xi yeardes of lyne 4s

xiiii yeards of lyne cloth 14s

iii yeardes of lyne cloth 15s

In lyne clothe more 2£ 18s 10d

iiii lbs suinge croull 13s 4d

x lbs suing skene thred 1£

v lbs brod enkell 13s 4d

ii lbs of croull frenges 10s 8d

ii lbs red croull frenges 10s 8d

xxii dossen statute lase 1£

i pesse of bout clothe 12s

i lb of suinge sylk 1£ 6s

iiii yeards of chamlatt 13s 4d

vi lbs of peceinge thred 1£

iiii roull of beltinge 1£

iii gros of brod lase 15s

In bellyment lase 1£ 15s

xxii dossen hempe 4£ 8s

vi rymes whyt pauper 1£

iii dossen pepper 6£ 8s

In playend cardes 1£ 10s

i dossen anet sedes

i dosen comminge 6s 8d

i dossen of ryse 2s 6d

i dossen gall 10s

i dossen poundes fyne stell 3s

xii lbs of anlates 10s

i dossen sayl twine 6s 8d

iiii gros of pynes 1£ 4s

In bouckes 1£ 7s

i some of elsane blades 8s

In red wax and glaspes and kepers 4s

vi lbs large mace 3£

iii cappes 8s

i lb saffron 13s 4d

ii dossen suger cande 1£

4s iiii boxses of comes 6s

xx cloutes of nedell 16s

In bottens and thymbles 11s

i lb of sylk 1£ 10s

In brod cloth 2£ 10s

xiiii wespes of stell 16s

In lantrons 10s

ii fyne taffyte hates 1£

iii kettell 1£

i shopp kest 5s

i presser in the shopp 6s