• A Statute of 1592, declaring the legal fabric lengths, weights and prices for textiles manufactured in Norwich<

    A statute describing the proper length, weight and price per length of fabric of new draperies made in Norwich<

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Lansdowne MSS No. 71, Article 51
    Published in 1592
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


Bayes double, poize(weight) about32 lbs
Bayes middle, or 60 Bayes, by that name in the Custom House, about30 lbsnone entered
Bayes single, poize about26 lbs
Frisadose of Pennystones wrought and frised, two goeth for a cloth, and being unwrought, four to a cloth, payeth custom6s 8d
Frisadose made of Worseters, is taken for a long cloth, which is a cloth and 8 yds, payeth custom8s 10 1/2d
Frisadose of Hastings MakingNone is entered by that name
Fustian of Naples, poize4 lb the single piece1£ 10s
Fustian of Naples, poize8 lbs, the double piece
Grosgraines broad or narrow, called Buffines, poize4lbs, one with another valued at
Carrolles, poize4 lbs, valued at
Knytt Hose, short stocks, the dozen pair,poize5 lbs, valued at (the pair) 4s
Knytt Hose, long stocks, the dozen pair, poize6 lbs, valued at (the pair)5s
Mockadoes, the single piece, poize3 lbs, rated at13s 4d
Rash or Stammetts of Florence, poize25 lbs, valued at
Russells broad, (none entered in custom of long time) poize 7 lbs, sold for
Russells narrow (none entered in custom of long time), poize5 lbs, sold for1£ 10s
Serge broad, poize11 lbs, rated at
Serge narrow, poize6 lbs, rated at1£ 10s
Sayes, called silk Sayes, poize3 lbs & half, rated at1£ 10s
Sayes broad, poize14 lbs, rated at
Worsteds broad, poize16 lbs, rated at
Worsteds narrow, poize8 lbs, rated at10s
Valures, or Valurts, poize8 lbs, valued at1£ 10s
Tukes, or Tuks, being a kind of Buckrom, poize6 lbs, rated at8s
Spanish Ruggs, called Spanish Blankets, not now used, rated at10s
English Ruggs.--None are made in England, but Irish Ruggs of divers sorts, from 10s., to (none shipped over)
Grogranes Chamblet, poise5 lbs, rated at1£ 6s 8d

Coxall Bayes is answered above at large.

It is to be understood that all that are set down rated, are so found in the book of rates.

All that is set down valued, are so valued by deposition, or by agreement with the customer, and the custom is taken accordingly.

And all these new Draperies, Bayes excepted, do pay a greater value in custom, than commonly is levied upon any kind of wool clothing.