• A Statute of 1578, declaring the legal fabric lengths, weights and prices for textiles manufactured in Norwich<

    A statute describing the proper length, weight and price per pound of fabrics produced in Norwich.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Lansdowne MSS No. 27, Article 60
    Published in 1578
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


FabricLengthWeightPrice per lb
Bays, double sort34 yds44 lbs4s 7d
Bayes, middle sort34 yds24 lbs3s 6 1/2d
Bayes, single sort34 yds24 lbs2s 6d
Rasse or Staminett of the flowers' making22 yds32 lbs3s 4d
Serge, French sort,23 yds20 lbs2s 1d
Sayes, Flanders sort27 yds16 lbs1s 8d
Narrow Wosteds<15 yds7 lbs0s 8 3/4 d
Norwich Grosgrains<14 yds5 lbs0s 6 1/4d
Mockadoes, double sort14 yds4 lbs0s 5d
Mockadoes, single sort14 yds3 lbs3 3/4 d
Mockadoes, tuft14 yds6 lbs7 1/2 d
Plommetts<14 yds4 lbs5d
Carrells<14 yds4 lbs5d
Fustians of Naples<14 yds6 lbs7 1/2 d
Blankets, called Spanish Rugges, receiving one with another, great and small, every piece in wool10 lbs1s 1/2d
Knit Hose of Wolsted Yarn, according to every piece both great and small, in Wools1 lb1 1/2 d

In consideration of the losses that her Majesty hath by the making of these new sorts of Cloths within the realm, in the custom and duty of the wool, that otherwise would be transported, and in the customs and subsidies that should be paid at the returning of the same in cloths, it is thought reasonable that there be paid for all such cloths and all other like new sort of cloth and cruel lace and fringe, that shall be made within the realm, or wool, by strangers only, [a blank here] upon every pound weight.