For the Maundye.

Page/Folio No.: 1

We woll and comande you that Immediatlie uppon the sight herof ye deliur or cause to be Delivered to our welbeloved Servaunte Raffe Hope Yeoman of our Warderobe of Robes for the use of oure maundie and our said Warderobe these parcells of stuff followinge (That is to saie)

First one hundred fyvty and six yards of russett clothe to make Fyvetie and two Gownes for lii pore women and fyvetie and twoo Paire of single soled shoos for them

Itm cclxxvi ells of lynnen cloth aswell to make smocks for the said pore women as also to be employed in the service of our maundie.

Itm Twentie and sixe paire of bearinge and trussinge Sheets of two breeds and a half and two ells iii quarter Longe the peece.

Itm thirtie ells of Diaper of elle & quarter broade. And eighteene napkins of one elle Longe the pece for thuse of our said Warderobe.

Itm thirtie ells of Canvas and three bolts of stronge rope to trusse the saide stuf in

And that ye contente and paie for makinge of the premisses and also for carrag of the same from our great Warderobe to the place Wheare God willing we shall make our said Maundie

And these our Lettres Signed with oure owne hand shalbe your sufficient Warrant and dischardg in this behalf Gevon undre our signett at our manor of Grenwich the xiith of Februarie the xxviiith Yeare of our reigne. 1585.

To our trustie and welbeloved servante John Fortescue Esquire Master of our great Warderobe.
R Hope .
ex parte N. Pigeon<