A Book of Particular Warrants to the Magesties Great Wardrobe From Michelmas 1585 to Michalmas 1593.

A Booke contayninge the true copies of all such particuler warraunts as hathe bynne dyrected to the Mr of the same Office from the Feast of Sainte Michell Tharckangell Anno 1585 Anno xxvii Regine Eliz untill the same Feast of Sainte Michell Tharkangell Anno 1593 Anno xxxvto

A Manuscript of collected warrants for the wardrobe for Queen Elizabeth covering the years 1588-1593. Manuscript LC 5/36, at the National Archives in England. Copied from more detailed daily accounts, this book contains warrants for the wardrobe of robes, wardrobe of beds, stable, and warrants for liveries for footmen, coachmen, guardsmen, and other yeomen of her staff.

Included here are all of the Robes Warrants for each year. I have also included a sampling of other warrants entered in the book: Livery Warrants, Warrants of the Wardrobe of Beds, Garter warrants, Herald's Warrants, Warrants for textiles for the Privy Chamber, Queen's Closet and Queen's Chapel, and a couple of Stable Warrants.