Item the 2 of June 1590

iii yeards & a half white Jennes, iiis vid
a quarter white stechinge silke viiid
a quarter & a half more white stechinge silk, xiid
vii quarters stroye coler canvesse, v is viiid
iii yeards white Jennes, iiis
half quarter & half nale cremeson elbrode taffete, iis iid
an ell & quarter fine canvesse delivered the 22 of June, vs viiid
half an ounce & dram spanish silke, xiid
a yeard & half Jennes fustyon white, xviiid
half a yeard white Jennes the 13 of June, vid
ii yeardes white Jennes the 17 of June, iis
a yeard & half quarter of callyco, iis
a quarter of white silke, viiid

Citation Type  Account Entry
Page/Folio No. fol 8r
Citation Year 1590
Date 6/2/1590
Sold to Alexander Cooper