• Inventory of Lord Clifford's Apparell (1572)

    An Inventory taken at Skipton includes a listing of Lord Clifford's Apparel. Transcribed from The history and antiquities of the deanery of Craven, in the county of York by Thomas Dunham Whitaker, pub Nichols, 1812

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1572
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


My Lord's Apparell.

Imprimis A black velvet gown laide with black laice, furred with squyrels, and faced with jenets furr something decayed, xl.

Item, One single gown of black sattan, garded with velvet, very olde, xxs

Item, Another blacke sattan gowne, garded with velvet, layed with silke lace, and lyned with buckram, something in decay, xlvis viiid

(For Mr F C) Item, A clooke of tawney checquered velvet, laid with ii pome laices of gold, furred with swirrels, xls

Item, A black velvett jacket, imbrothered with silver, faced with luserdes, and furred thorowly with whyte lambe, something decayed, xls

Item, One black sattan jackett, stocked, garded with black velvett, layed with silver laice, buttons of black silke and syle, xxxiiis ivd

Item, One black velvett jackett, cheyn stitched, and layed with frynge laice, and furred with squyrrels, xxxs ivd

Summa xxl xiis ivd

Adhuc my Lord's apparell and other things

Item, A blacke velvett jyrkine, withe gold lace, havyng xvi buttons enameled blacke, lyned with sarcenet, verey olde xs

Item, A blacke sattan jerkyne, faced with whit hayre, and furred with lambe, something decayed, xxxs

Item, One kyrtle of cremesyn velvett, lyned with whyte sarsenet, and a hode for knyght of Garter to weare at Seynt George feast, vil

Item, One robe of blewe velvet, lyned with sarcenet, the Garter imbrothered thereon, and a yarde of blewe silke and golde tyed at sholders for the seide S George's feast vil

Item, One hole horse harness for a trapper, sett with whit and blew and enameled, and one covering of black vellvett, with a garde of gold, and enameled whyt and blewe sutable for the same xiiis ivd

Item, One other harnesse of red vellvett, conteining vi peices; and one other harnesse of black velvett; imbrothered with silver gilted, conteiningg vii peice xiiiis ivd

Item, iiii peice of clothe of tussaye, for covering of a coarser at a tryamphe, edged with a frynge of red sylke and gold, liiis ivd

Some trifling articles omitted.

Summa, xiil vs ivd

Adhuc my Lord's apperell &c

Item iii paynes of clothe of golde, and ii of tawney velvett, with a redd dragon lokyng furthe of a whit ca8tell, mad of sylver tyssay, vs

Item, in rydynge hatts, one of cremysyn velvett with a golde bande, and another of tawney velvett with a golde band, and the iii laiced with silver laice, xxs

Mr Francis Clifford, dunn hatt; Mr Eltofts, a tawny hatt.

Item, One murreon covered with cremesyn vellvett and laid wth laece of golde, xs

Item, A caice for the Garter of cremesyn velvett, vis viiid

Item, i short cremesyn sattan gowne, garded with cremesyn vellvett, and laide with fayre lacce of golde, cs

Item, i shorte gowne of purple vellvett, with ii pomell laces of silver, xlvis viiid

Item, A black damaske gowne, with ii yardes of vellvett, not lyned, and having xvii paire of anglets of gold, cs

Item, One sleveless jackett of clothe of golde, edged with parchment lacce of gold enamelled blewe, xlvis viiid

Item, An ancel of redd and white sarsynett, with a redd rose and a dragon.

Sum, with omissions, xxvil xvs

Adhuc my lord's apparell, and other things

Item. One dublet of cremesyn velvett, embrothered with golde, and lyned with lynnynge cloth, with a payr hosen of cremesyn vellvett of the same, embrothered, lxs

Item, One dublett of whit sattan, embrodered with sylver and lyned with verey fine lynnyne, and a payr of hose of whit velvet suitable to the same, xlvis viiid

Item, A swerd girdle of redd vellvett with gilted buckles, iiis ivd

Item, A pair of gilted spurs and one other pair ungilted, being graven, vs

Item, One old cote of tawney vellvett, laide with rounde silver lacce, xxs

Item, One foteclothe of black vellvett, xls

Summa with several trifling articles omitted. xixl viiis iiiid

Item, One other foteclothe of black vellvett, frynged with blacke silke and gold, xxs

Item, One trussing bedd for the field, in two trounks of rede cloth, with my L armes on, frynged with rede silke, and lyned with rede sarcynet, lxvis viiid

Item, One bedd of downe, and a bolster therto belongynge, xls

Item, One matteress there, iiiis

Item One old quyssyn of estait, with catt' of mount'n on the same, xiiis iiiid

Summa as before, xl xs viiid

Apparell in a cheist in great Chamber in t'high Lodginge

1st A frenge gowne, with a longe trayne of blacke satten, edged with black velvet, cs

Item, One gown of black damask, garded with black velvet, iiiil

Item, A purple satten gowne, playted with fyve paire of gold aglets, garded with velvett, faced with grayn coloured sarcenet, cs

Item, One gown of black velvett, layd with powmet laice, vil

Item, A kirtle of cremesyn damask with one overbodie of satten of bridges, and welted with cremyson velvett, liiis ivd

Item, One olde kirtle of cloth of tyssay purple coloured with overbodie of satten of bridges, xxs Item, A hinderparte of one kirtle of clothe of golde standing with red color, with overbodie of yalow damaske, xls

Item, one other kirtle of cloth of golde, somthinge decayed, iiiil

Item, One gowne of cloth of tynsell, garded with blacke velvet, xiiil vis viiid

Item, One kirtle of cloth of gold, overbodied with black sattin, and lined with redd cloth, cs

Item, One pair of sleves of black velvett, of the Frenche facion, xxs

Item, One pair of lowse sleeves of cloth of golde, of the Frenche facion xls

Item, ii cremysyn peices off clothe of golde for a girtle, xxxiiis ivd

Item, i black damaske nurcis gowne, with iiii burgullion gardes, &c &c, xxs

Item, ii parre of velvett shoys, grene, redd, and whit, iiis ivd

Item, A border of clothe of golde, with images of pictures, vis viiid