• Tailor's Bill for Lady Elizabeth Saye, taken from the manuscript bundle "Inventory of Goods of Lady Saye, private bills and memoranda" at the PRO.

    A bill taken from the inventory and receipts of Dame Elizabeth Saye. The date is not given, but the contents of the bill and the prices of those materials corresponde to a date @1530s.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    E 314/79
    Published in 1530
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


Item for v yardes of Satten xs

Item for makyng of a kyrtell xd

Item lynyng unto the Sayme xxd

Item for an edge viiid


There are references in other henrican docs to 'an edge' of gold to decorate bonnets and hats.

Item a payre of hosen vid

Item ii payre of Shoes xiid

Item ii payre hosen xiid

Item for Shoes xii d

Item a payre of hosen vi d

Item iiii yerdes blake Saye iiiis iiiid

Item lynyng & making iis viiid

Item the amendyng of a gowne iiiid

Item a payr of shoes w a payr of hose viiid

Item amendyng a gowne wt a kyrtell xd

Item Shoes vi d

Item a payr of hosen iiiid

Item for makyng a gowne xiid

Item for Shoes xii d

Item hosen iiii d

Item for hosen & shoes xid

Item for Shoes vid

Item for upperbodyenge a gowne xd

Item for makyng a gown xiid

Item for smokkes xvd

Item for hoes & Shoes xiid

Item for a gowne clothe vs

Item ii yardes of bukram viiid

Item for an edge of golde iis

Item for Saye for a gown of tawny viiis

Item for a french hodde xiiis iiiid

Item for a belamente iiis iiiid

Item for v yardes of grene Saye iiis iiiid

Item for lynyng & makyng of a Kurtall iis

Item for viii yerdes of Russett Wosted xs viiid

Item for iiii yerdes of bukram iis

Item the makyng of a gowne w ii yardes of cotton iiis xd

Item payde unto my marstrs insome for Suche stuffe as she dydde bye for hyr xxs

Item for x yardes of black Saye for a gown xvs

Item for a quartr a halfe of black velvet iiis ixd

Item for v yardes & a halfe of rede saye for a kyrtell xis

Item for half a yarde of black velvet for a partlet vs vid

Item for a yarde & a halfe of Russett wosted iis vid

Item for a Roll of bukram di. a yarde, iiis vid

Item for iiii yardes of black cotton iis

Item for a yarde & di of blacke fryse ix d

Item for makyng of the Say gowne iiis iiiid

Item for makng a kyrtyll of rede Saye iis

Item for upperbodyenge and stiffyng a gowne of blak Russell wosted xvid

Item for lynyng the pleytts of the gowne ixd

Item for lyne clothe to lyne the upperbodies of the kyrtill vid