• Inventory of Mr. Rogers Apparel at the time of his death, 1615

    Excerpts from the Lismore Papers. As found in The Lismore Papers of Richard Boyle, First and "Great" Earl of Cork. The specific bill is No. 68 of vol vi. of the papers

    Author(s): Richard Boyle Earl of Cork, Alexander Balloch Grosart
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1615
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms , Color
    1600 AD - 1699 AD


An inventory of such apparell as remaine of Mr Rogers

Imprimis a Bayes gowne faced with red furr.

Item an old Jerking and hose of roy coullerd Kersie without silke and siluer lace

Item an old fustian Dublet, with one silke lace

Item a Taney cloth Cloake with one taney silke and siluer lace

Item an old hat and a paire of couller de roy garters<

Item a pinkt ash coullor Satting Dublet and a paire of ash couuler rovato hose

Item an ash couller popus Cloake and a paire of ash coullor silke garters and roses

Item another hat with an Ash couller band and an imbrodered girdle<

Item 4 shirts, faling bands and Cuffs<

Item tow fringed Cuffs and Cuffs for handkercheiues

Item towe paire of wusted stockings and a swoord with a greene scarfe

Item a purse with xxxs