inventory of items sacked in 1569, including clothing.

a gowne of plaine black velvat
a gowne of tawnye velvat and one of black wrought velvat
a forepart of blacke velvat laide all over with lace of goulde
one [forepart] of black velvat laid all over with bone lace of silver and goulde
a kyrtle of crimsin damaske and overbodie of blacke velvat all imbroderyd
a dobblet of white satten
as moche longe frenge and narrow frenge as would dresse a saddle and a pillion
a littell gilted cofer with half a dosen peaces of goldesmithe worke
a dosen great pearle
one paire of crymsin velvat bretches laid all over with silver lace

Citation Type  Inventory
Citation Year 1569