• Tailor's Expenses of a "Gentle Youth", 1614-1615

    Excerpts from the Lismore Papers. As found in The Lismore Papers of Richard Boyle, First and "Great" Earl of Cork. The specific bill is No. 68 of vol vi. of the papers

    Author(s): Richard Boyle Earl of Cork, Alexander Balloch Grosart
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1614
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1600 AD - 1699 AD


A particular note of what hath beene layd out for Mr. Roger and my self for A'pell and other necessaries since the viith of Februarie last 1614.

Imprimis, for his Ash coullord pinkte Sattyn dublett, with tow ash couller fringe laces and a pickadell of white Sattin xxxs

Shillings: 30

for v yardes of ash coullered Rovato and a pair of hose xxs

Shillings: 20

For iiii yeardes of Ash couller popus, for a Cloake xxis iiiid

Shillings: 21, Pence: 4

For iii oz of Ash coller fring lace for the cloake and hose viis

Shillings: 7

For the Taylor making up that Cloake and hose and for lininge silk and other things prouided by him xiiiis vid

Shillings: 14, Pence: 6

For tow paire of stockings vis xd

Shillings: 6, Pence: 10

for a paire of ash coullor silke garters and roses, which lace, vs iiiid

Shillings: 5, Pence: 4

for an ash couller imbroydered gerdle iis vid

Shillings: 2, Pence: 6

for an ash couller Taffata hatt band iiiis iiiid

Shillings: 4, Pence: 4

For iii falling bands vs vid

Shillings: 5, Pence: 6

for a taffata pickadell iiis

Shillings: 3

for iiii paire of gloues iiis

Shillings: 3

for ribband for his hose and shooes xvid

Pence: 16

for v paire of shooes vis viiid

Shillings: 6, Pence: 8

for mending shooes viiid

Pence: 8

for an Accidens vid

Pence: 6

for a booke of french verbs vid

Pence: 6

For v ells of holland for 2 shirts for my selfe xs

Shillings: 10

for a bande and Cuffes vs iid

Shillings: 5, Pence: 2

For a pickadell iis

Shillings: 2

For a Cutt fustian Dublet and a paire of kersey hose, with one silk lace iii li is iid

Pounds: 3, Shillings: 1, Pence: 2

for 2 paire of stockings viiis iiiid

Shillings: 8, Pence: 4

for 2 paire of shooes iiiis viiid

Shillings: 4, Pence: 8

for shooe stringes and mending my shooes ii vid

Shillings: 2, Pence: 6

For dressing my hatt viid

Pence: 7

for dyeing a Couller De Roy hattband of Mr. Rogers, blacke for me viiid,

Pence: 8

for Ribben and for mending my Clothes at seuerall tymes iiis viiid

Shillings: 3, Pence: 8

for a gerdell viid

Pence: 7

for garters and points iiis vid

Shillings: 3, Pence: 6

for Ribben for my black Cloake and for Shooe strings iis xd

Shillings: 2, Pence: 10

for v yardes and a half of black perpetuana at vs iiiid the yard xxixs iiiid

Shillings: 29, Pence: 4

for Lininge and other necessaries for the same and to the Taylor making up the sute and also for making my blacke Cloake of the Cloth prouided for Mr Rogers hearse xxxiiis xid

Shillings: 33, Pence: 9