Sallop, thi xith of July, 1594

Worship, with my humble commendacions, beinge glad to heare of your worships helth but very sorry for the deth of that sweete youth Ellis morris, but we are to prase the Lord for all his works. Sir, your Cosygnes gowne with petikote and stomecher is redy, but because you may stay for it Lenger I would not send it by this berer for that the rest shalbe made and sent with it they wilbe the better carried. I hope you will Lyche very well of them--for the other gonnes yor measers were so ill taken that the tayler sayes he canot tell what to make of them, but we will take the best course with the advice of Elin Stanley, with such Lace as shalbe requisit--for the Clocke & saveguarde, it shalbe made redy. I will by the cloth of such Coler as the tayler shalbest advice me, & wil se it set forward agaynst the tyme of your letter for the french bodyes & furdinall sleves, I thinke there be not any in our towne so small, but if not, we will get them made so soone as I can. You shall receive a note of the parcell of the gowne and petikote which I haue delivered to the tayler for Mistris Ellin Morris gowne/videlyet

Citation Type  Bill/Receipt
Citation Year 1594