• Exhibits attached to the Bill of Complaint in Condytt et al v. Chubbe et al

    A libel case where puritans took the libellers to court. Text found in Dorset Cornwall - Records of Early English Drama

    Modern English (post-1500)
    STAC 8/94/1 7
    Published in 1608
    1600 AD - 1699 AD


A question being asked where doth it abound
then in the pure prelate yat seems so profound
For lardg Cambricke Ruffes and laceing great store
bestowed on apparell where doe we see more
I name not french bodies that with whales bone are Made
for puritans are to holy to meynteyne that trade
And many thinges more I could now haue spoke
but yat some would say I did at them scoffe.