• A Neaste of Waspes Latelie Fovnd out and discouered in the Law-countreys

    Author: William Goddard
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1615
    1600 AD - 1699 AD


My ladyes verdingall is wondrous wide
But what a that? shee wear'st not so for pride
Indeed shee doth not sir. Yet yf you'd know
Why'boute hir bumm so hudge a hoope doth goe
Ile tell it you. Praie sweet sir vnderstand
Shee for a maide doth goe, as yet un mand
By vertue of hir vardingall, shee (wellye)
Doth make poore men beleeue shee hath noe bellie

A rare trick tis: Greate wastes twill make seeme small
And bellies barrell-bigg, seeme naught at all.


But speake I praie; who ist would gess or skann
Fantasmus to be borne a Englishe man?
Hees hatted spanyard-like and bearded to
Ruft Itallyon-like; pac'd like them also
His hose and doubletts' Frenche; his bootes and shoes
Are fashond pole in heeles, but French in toes
Oh hees compleate! what shall I descant an?
A compleate Foole:noe compleate Englishe man.


Lisba hath manlie partes; you shall not find
A wenche on th'Earthe that beares a manliere mind
A wrasler she'es; she'el trye a fall with anie
A Fencer she'es; shath channgd a thrust with manie
An Archer she'es; shee laies-well to a marke
Drawes-home a shaft: nockt right too in the darke
S'hath yet more partes; in parte a souldyers shee
sheel fight, whore, drinke, untill shee cannot see.


if you were wife then would you nere ask why
My Ladyes womans tayle soe oft doth crie
Alas hir vardingales' a doore soe wide
As it letts more winde in then t'can abide
And thats the cause (Indeed I doe not lie)
Which makes my Ladies womans taile so crie.