To become slender in wast, and to have a straight spagnolized body, what pinching, what girding, what cingling will they not indure? Yea sometimes with yron-plates, with whale-bones, and other such trash, that their very skin and quicke flesh is eaten in and consumed to the bones; whereby they sometimes work their owne death.

Even as women, when their naturall teeth fail them, use some of yvorie, and in stead of a true beautie, or lively colour, lay-on some artificiall hew; and as they make trunk sleeves of wyre and whale-bone bodies, backes of lathes, and stiffe bumbasted verdugals, and to the open-view of all men paint and embellish themselves with counterfeit and borrowed beauties; so doth learning (and our law hath, as some say, certaine lawfull fictions, on which it groundeth the truth of justice) which in liew of currant payment and presupposition, delivereth us those things, which she her self teacheth us to be meere inventions