• Poetaster

    Author: Ben Jonson
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1601
    1600 AD - 1699 AD


Chloe. Mary fough: You fell snuffers too, if you be remembred, but I pray you let mee buy them out of your hand; for I tell you true, I take it highly in snuffe, to learne how to entertaine gentlefolkes, of you, at these yeeres, I faith. Alas man; there was not a gentleman came to your house i' your tother wiues time, I hope? nore a ladie? nore musique? nor masques? Nor you, nor your house were so much as spoken of, before I disbast my selfe, from my hood and my fartingall, to these bumrowles and your whale-bone-bodice.