• Kempes Nine Daies Wonder, Performed in a daunce from London to Norwich. Containing the pleasure, paines and kinde entertainment of William Kemp between London and that Citty in his late Morrise.

    Author: Kempe
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1600
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


Passing by the Market place, the presse still increasing by the number of boyes, girles, men and women thronging more and more before me to see the end; it was the mischaunce of a homely maide, that, belike, was but newly crept into the fashion of long wasted peticotes tyde with points, and had, as it seemed, but one point tyed before, and comming vnluckily in my way as I was fetching a leape, it fell out that I set my foote on her skirts: the point eyther breaking or stretching, off fell her peticoate from her waste, but as chance was, thogh hir smock were course, it was cleanely; yet the poore wench was so ashamed, the rather for that she could hardly recouer her coate againe from vnruly boies, that looking before like one that had the greene sicknesse, now had she her cheekes all coloured with scarlet.