• A Discourse of Some Troubles and Excommunications in the Banished English Church at Amsterdam 1603

    Author: George Johnson
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1603
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


Chardges laid against Mrs. Tomison Boys by George Johnson, Schoolmaster, upon the occasion of her marraige to Francis Johnson in 1594.

These things following were reproved in Mris Tomison Johnson the Pastors wife touching apparel,

First the wearing of a long busk after the fashion of the world contrary to Rom. 12.2, I. Tim. 2.9.10

2. Wearing of the long white brest after the fashion of yong dames, and so low she wore it, as the world call them kodpeece brests. Contrary to the former places, and also to I. Pet.

3. Whalebones in the bodies of peticotes Contrary to the former rules, as also against nature, being as the Phisitians affirme hinderers of conceiving or procreating children.

4. Great sleeves sett out with whalebones, which the world ca..Contrary to the former rules of modesty, and shamefastnes.

5. Excesse of lace upon them after the fashion of yong Marchants wives. Contrary to the rules of modesty.

6. Foure or five gould Ringes on at once. Contrary to the former rules in a Pastors wife.

7. A copple crowned hatt with a twined band, as yong Marchats wives, and yong Dames use. Immodest and toyish in a Pastors wife. Contrary also to the former rules.

8. Tucked aprons, like round hose: contrary likewise to the former rules.

9. Excesse in rufs, laune coives, muske, and such like things: contrary to I. Tim. 2.9, I. Peter. 3 3, forbidding costly apparel.

10. the painted Hipocritical brest, shewing as if there were some special workes, and in truth nothing but a shadow. Contrary to modesty and sobriety.

11. Bodies tied to the peticote with points, as men do their dublets to their hose. Contrary to I. Thes. 5. 22., conferred with Deut. 22, I. John 2.16. 12. Some also reporte that she laid forth her heare also Contrary to I. Tim. 2. 9, I Pet 3.3.