• A Summons for Sleepers. Wherein most grieuous offenders are cited to bring forth true frutes of repentance, before the day of the Lord now at hand. Hereunto is annea ea a patterne for Pastors

    Author: Leonard Wright
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1612
    1600 AD - 1699 AD


This land is also most vily corrupted with intollerable pride, with such a confused mingle mangle, and varietie of apish toyes in apparrell, euery day flanting in new fashions, to deforme God's workemanship in their bodies, as great monstrous ruffes starched in the diuel's licour, and set with instruments of vanitie, dublets with great burssen bellies, as though their guttes were readie to fall out, some garded like Frenchmen, some fringed like Venitians, some their heades Turkish, their backes Spanish, and their wastes Italians: some their haire curled and their beardes writhen to make them looke grimme and terrible, as though they had scene the diuel, with long daggers at their backes to kill euery one they meete prouder then themselues: with such vaine riot, excesse and vaine curiositie, that l thinke they haue made a league with Satan, a couenant with hell, and an obligation with the diuel to marrie his eldest daughter.