Of superfluitie of apparell; another cause of the alteration of kingdomes.

In the beginning of the world men were clothed with pelts and sltinnes of beasts, whereby is to be noted, that they were become as beasts, by transgressing the comrnandement of God, touching the fruit in Paradise. Apparell was not giuen to delight men's wanton eyes, but to preserue their bodies from the cold and to couer their shame. They had no beuer hats sharpe on the top like vnto the spyre of a steeple, nor flatte crownde hats resembling rose cakes. They wore no embrodered shirtes nor garments of cloth of gold They knewe not what meant our Italianated, Frénchified, or Duch and Babilonian breeches. They bought no silken stockins, nor gaudie pantofles. Their women could not tell how to frizle and lay out their hayre on borders. They daubed not their faces with deceitfull drugges, wherewith hiding the handy worke of God they might seeme to haue more beautie than hee hath vouchsafed to giue them. They imitated not hermaphrodites in wearing of men's doublets. They wore no chaines of gold, nor ouches, iewels, bracelets, nor such lyke They went not clothed in veluet gownes, nor in chamlet peticotes. They smelt not vnto pomander, ciuet, muske, and such lyke trumperies. And yet for all that they farre surpassed vs in humanitie, in kindnesse, in loue, and in vertue. Their onely cogitations were bent to decke the inward mind and not the outward bodie which is nothing els sauing a liuing sepulcher

Citation Year 1599