• A true discourse concerning the certaine possession and dispossession of 7 persons in one familie in Lancashire, which also may serve as part of an answere to a fayned and false discoverie which speaketh very much evill, aswell of this, as of the rest of those great and mightie workes of God which bee of the like excellent nature.

    Author: George More
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1600
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD



Secondly, Margaret Hurdman, of thirteen years of age, being in a trance three hours long, and possessed at that time, as it seemed, with a spirit of pride, did most lively express both by words and gestures the proud women of our times, who cannot content themselves with any sober or modest attire but are ever ready to follow every new and disguised fashion, and yet never think themselves fine enough. Whereupon she said, 'Come on my lad', for so she called the spirit that stood before her in that likeness to teach her all the tricks of pride. 'Come on and set my neckerchief on the one side as I do on the other.' And as she was a setting of it, she said to him,

Thus, my lad, I will have a fine smock of silk. It will be finer than yours. I will have a petticoat of silk, not of red but of the best silk that is. It will be embroidered a foot high. It will be laid with gold lace. It will have a French body, not of whalebone for that is not stiff enough, but of horn for that will hold it out. It shall come low in the front to keep in my belly.

My lad, I will have a French Farthingale. It will be finer than yours. I will have it low at the front and high behind, and broad on either side, that I may lay my arms on it. My lad, your gown is crimson satin, but mine will be of black wrought velvet. It will be finer than yours. I will have my sleeves set out with wire, for sticks will break and are not stiff enough. I will have my periwinkle so fine, finer than yours. I will have my cap of blak velvet with a feather in it, with flutes of gold, and my hair will be set with pearls, finer than yours. I will have my neckerchief set with a collar and starched with blue starch, and pinned with a row or two of pins.'

With this she snatched the neckerchief from her neck and threw it at him, saying, 'You take it, for I cannot make it as fine as yours. I pray you, come and help me to set it as fine.'