For vi yards of Flanders Lace vii s (crossed out)

For vi li of Starche iis vid

For iiii oz of blewe Starche xvi d

for ii oz of satten Silke iiiis

for i oz of whyt threed xiid

for a nother oz of whyt threed viiid

for xxiiii garnishe of whyt threed button for hankercheus iiii s

for a boxe & to a portar by godsalue vid

for v thousand pinnes iis viiid

For iiii great grosse di of Agglets at iis viii d the grosse xii s

for a blacke capp of ritch Taffety with a tirds syprese band xs

for ii verdingales xs

for ii rebarta wyers iiis

for Mrs Jenyking for sundry things as by her bill appereth iiiili iiiis

for garding Seds of sundry sorts xxd

for making up & stringing purses vis

to Holaway the Tayler x li

For a shadoe of Pearle & the plating of a ruff with Silver plate iii li xiis

for ii oz iii dramlas of gould lace to the Cushing cloth at vii s xvs iiid

to Mrs Rabinson the rast ix li xvii

Sume is xxx li

Mrs Rabinson's Billes

First for vi yards of whyt Nett lawne for the vale at ii s xiis

For making the vale & setting the pearls in Flowers xxs

For iii quarters of silver wyer to string the pearles on iiii s vi d

for half an oz half a quarter of pearles at xxviii s the oz xviis vid

for a French hood of velvet xviiis

For a narroe billiment of velvet iis

for a hood past lynd with heare lyning & taffity iiis

for a blacke biliment of Taffita tackit with black strypt nett & sett with goulde buttons vs vid

For whyt nett Florished with siluer & silver plate & spangles & set on flam color Satten for sleves facing coler stomecher twne ruffs & for the insyd of the Arme v li

For iiii yards di of Cobwebe Lawne at iis ix s

For v yards of whyt strypd with siluer to cover a forepart slevis & stomacher at viis xxxvs

for tacking one the lawne forpart sleves and stomacher on the whyt forpart sleves & stomacher vis viiid

For v yards of whyt fustian to lyne them vs

For iiii yards iii qr of crusbarde with silver for sleves stomager set on cloth of gould at iiiis vid , xxis vid

For tacking of the same vis viiid

For ix yards of the same whyt crusbard with siluer to the whyt chamblet gowne at iiiis vid xls vid

for iiii yards of siluer Tinsele at iiis iiiid

For seting on a payer of bordars vid

For a large box xiid

Sume is xvi li xx d

A nother bill of Mrs Robinson the iiith of May 1591

For a biliment of fayre heare a hood paste of taffeta covered with heare & the biliment set there on with gould & pearle buttons xxviiis

For a fyne Sute of Ruffs iii li

For a nother Sut of ruffes xlvs

For a nother biliment of fayer heare set with gould & pearle buttons upon a hood past of black taffeta & hear under xviiis

For a rownd box to put in the biliment xiid

For ii payer of nett Cuffes edged iiiis

For a Periwig of Fayer heare xiis

For v yards di of whyt crusbarde with silver for a facing coller stomecher & turnings out for insye & out sye at iiis vid xxiiiis ixd

For tacking the same & seting it on gould tinsele vis viiid

For ii yards of Riche gould tinsele for the facing Coler & turnings out of viiis xvis

for a yard qr of black silk stitch cloth for shade the tinsele at vs vis iiid

Sum of all her billes is xxvii li xiiis iiid

Where of she is payed viii li and so rast done unto her still xviii li xis xid

Janikines bill

For xxvii yards of riben at iid iiiis vid

To Mrs Rabinson viiili xvis xid

Owing to Mrs Rabinson xviii li xvis vd

For the Cupp xviii li viis vid

to Nicholas the gould smith xxix li ixs vid