Item the 10th of December 1591 for making and stifnyng a velvet cape iis

Shillings: 2
Entry Type: New Garment, Date: December 10,1591

Item the 16th of February 1591 for a felt [hat] turfed with velvet wth a dubell band xviis

Shillings: 16
Date: February 16th, 1592

Item the 9th of June 1592 for a blacke smoth bevar hat turfed with velvet with a dubell band xxxiis

Shillings: 32
Entry Type: New Garment, Date: June 9th, 1592

Item for a box xiid

Pence: 12

Rcd by Mr Richard Wynter the ii day of November 1592 in full payment of this byll the som of ii li viiis vid

Pounds: 2, Shillings: 8, Pence: 6
Date: November 2nd, 1592