To the Rycht Worshipfull the Lady Townesend

For makynge of ye L[ord]s[hi]p hys dublet of Stryped Canvas iiis

Shillings: 3

For canvas to yt xd

Pence: 10

for bumby to yt xvd

Pence: 15

for styffynge iiid

Pence: 3

for sylk to yt xiid

Pence: 12

for taffyta to face xiid

Pence: 12

for ii yrds qrtr of fusty at xd xxiiid

Pence: 24

for makynge of hys hose xiid

Pence: 12

for bumbyt to the vid

Pence: 6

for fustyn to lyn the