For a Payer of pumpes & pantables & ii payre of corkit shoes xis

Pence: 11

For vi yards of Flanders lace vii s

Pence: 7

For iii vardingalls xiiiid

Pence: 14

For iiii buskins xviii d

Pence: 8

for vi rebartas wyers vs

Shillings: 5

for a double bredth of Flanders cutworke ix s

Shillings: 9

for vi yards of Flanders lace iiiis

Shillings: 4

for viii dosen of Riben of sundry cullors xvis

Shillings: 16

for a Combe and the Cace iiis

Shillings: 3

for a looking glase vis

Shillings: 6

for a black taffety hatt for Mr Thomas xs

Shillings: 10

for a Feather to it iiiis

Shillings: 4

for a grene taffity cappe for hime vis viid

Shillings: 6, Pence: 7

for a blacke velvet cape in a box. viiis

Shillings: 8

for a cushing clath a payer of pilloberes and a wastcote all wrought with black xxii li

Pounds: 22

for ii yards half & half a quarter of cloth of Siluer vii li xs

Pounds: 7, Shillings: 10

for iii yards iii quarters of Flame culler Satten at xvis the yard iii li xiiis

Pounds: 3, Shillings: 14

for iii yards di of Scarlett at ls for a Clocke & a safgard viii li xvs

for a whyt Fanne & Feathers xxvis viiid

Shillings: 16, Pence: 8

for gilding a Sawdering of the handle iiis iiid

Shillings: 3, Pence: 3

Payed by Mr Wryght Sume of all this is xlviii li xi s iiiid

More for a Cupp wayinge lii oz di at viis the oz not yet paid xviii li vii s

Pounds: 28, Shillings: 7

for the making up of a purse vis (crossed out)