Commodities of each nation

Of the Commodfities of Great Brittaine.
The Commodities of Great Brittaine containing the Kingdomes of England and Scotland and the dominion of Wales are rich, and Staple wares, and very aboundant, with a continual increase namely:

Woollen Clothes of all sorts, broad and narrow, long and short, called and knowne by the names of seuerall Shires, being 250 thousand Clothes made yearely, besides the new Draperies of Perpetuanaes and the like commodities.
Tinne wrought and vnwrought aboue tweluehundreth thousand pounds yearely
Lead transported and vsed, aboue eight thousand Fodders euerie yeare
Allomes made in aboundance, aboue seuen hundreth Tunnes yearely
Copperas made according to the quantitie vfed, some 250 Tunnes yearely
Yron of all forts, setting 800 Furnaces on worke
Yron Ordnance or cast Pieces, according to occasion made
Wools and Woolfels and Calfe skinnes in great quantitie and Conie skins.
Stockins of all forts, of Silke Wooll and Yarnfey Yearne and Woolls.
Buffins Mocadoes Grograines Sattins Calamancos Veluets Worsteds Sarges Fustians Durance Tukes and all other Norwich wares and Stuffes
Saffron, the best that can be found in any countrey
Glasse and Glasses of all sorts, Venice gold , Sea coale and Salt
Scots coale, Wheat, Barley and all kind of graines in both Kingdomes
Linnen Cloth, and all Ironmongers wares, Hides, Tallow, Leather drest and vndrest, Trayne Oyle, Salmons, Pilchards, Herrings, Hake, Conger, Red Herring, Hops, Woad, Butter, Cheese, Beere, Salt peter and Gun powder, Honny and Wax, Alablaster and many other Stones

The Commodities of the Kingdomes of Ireland are
Woolles, Felles, Yarne, Furres, Flax, Linnen Cloth, Hides, Tallow, Hempe, Honny, Wax, Herring, Cods, Hake-fish, Salmonds, Eeles, Ruggs, Mantles, Irish Cloth, Pipestaues, Yron Lead, Wheat and all kind of graine, Salt beefe, Butter and and many Manufactures.

The Commodities of the Kingdome of France are:
Wines, Prunes, Canuas, Linnen cloth, Salt, Veluets, Raw silke, and diuers stuffes of Silke, Buckrames, Boxes with Paper playing Cards, Glasse, Graine to dye, Rozen and all kind of Graine corne.

The Commodities of Spaine and Portugal are
Wools, Madera, Sugar, Almonds, Wines, Oyles, Anny seeds, Anchoues, Bay-berries, Bariglia,Figs, Raisons, Traine oyle, Yron, Oranges, Leamons, Sumacke, Saffron, Soape, Coriander, Cork, Licoras, Woad and the commodities of the West Indies, Sugar, Brazill , Fernandebucke Wood, Tabacco and other commodities

The Commodities of Italy and certaine Ilands
Venice Gold, Veluets, Sattines, Cipres Silkes, Cloth of Gold and Siluer, Cottones, Fustians, Wines, Currans, Cloues, Rafhes, Rice, Sarcenets, Raw Silke, Allomes, and Vitrioll, Glasses, and other Manufactures

The Commodities of Germany and places adjoyning
Woolles, Argall, Steele, Latine, Copper, Yron, and all kind of Manufacture made of them: Copperas, Allomes, Lead, Fustians, Paper, Linnen cloth, Quick siluer, Bell-mettall, Tinne, Renish Wines, and Mather.

The Commodities of East land and thereabouts
Ashes, Bowstaues, Cables, Canuas, Buffe hides, Flaxe, Hempe, Honny Wax, Stock fish, Spruce, Yron, Match, Wheat, Rye, Meale, Woolles, Waynscott, Pitch and Tarre, and Linnen cloth, Cordage and Ropes.

The Commodities of Denmarke and Norway and Sweaden.
Wheat, Rye, Woolles, Deales, Clap boord, Pipe staues, Masts, Waynfcot, Copper, Timber, Fish and Furres, Allomes in some places.

The Commodities of Russia.
Tallow, Hides, Caueare, aboundance of rich Furres, Blacke Fox, Martins, Sables and the like, Honny, Wax, Cables, Ropes and Cordage

The Commodities of Barbery
Goatskinnes, Almonds, Dates, Aneale, Gumme, Feathers, Salt peter, Gold plentifully: and from Guynea, Hides, Oliphant teeth, and Graine.

The Commodities of the Low Countries
Steele, Cambrickes, Lawnes, Hoppes, Grograines, Bozatoes, Chamblets, Mocadoes, Brushes, Tape, Linnen cloth, Pots, Bottles, Wheat, Rye, Salt, Chimney backes, Blades, Horses, Soape, Fish, Herrin, and many things, as Diaper, Smalt, Hoopes of Yron

The Commodities of the West Indies
From the Low Countrie beginning the West India Trade, letvs set downe the commodities of it, seeing that the States of the vnited Prouinces haue made lately a Societie of Merchants bearing date the ninth of June 1611 wherein other Nations may be aduenturors, as by their letters Pattents appeareth; prohibiting all other their subiects or inhabitants, that they shall not trade from the said countries, nor out or from any other kingdome and countrie whatsoeuer, vnto the coasts and countries of Africa, from Tropicus Cancri, along to the cape of Bona Speranza, neither in the countries of America, from the South end of Magellanes le Mary, and other straits, to the straits of Anian on euery side, Noua Guinea included, vpon forfeiture of the ships and goods and all their possessions, within their iurisdicti on and command and arrests of their persons vnlesse they be of the said Company made and established for the West India Trade.
Gold and Siluer, Cucheneale, Sugars, rich Indico, Donnigo Ginger, Pearles, Emeraulds, Hydes, Campeche or Logwood, Sallaparilla, Tabacco, Canasistula, Cocos wood, Lignum vita, Cottonwooll, Salt, and some other druggs for Physicke or dying of Stuffes.

And this may suffice for a declaration of the principall commodities of most countries

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