Allowances made for Cloth.

Vpon Clothes to be shipped out there is allowance made of the tenth Cloth for a wrapper, which payeth no Custome; and so of all other woollen Commodities, which pay after the rate; as three Northeren Kersies for a Cloth, foure Deuonshire Kersies, two single Dozens, one double Dozen, six Cardinals, Pinwhites, Statutes, Stockbridges, Straites and Tauistockes, foure Cornish Dozens, Pennystones vnfriezed, Island Dozens, and Northeren Plaines for one Cloth, two Bridgewaters, Cornish and Deuonshire double Dozens, Florentines, Northren Dozens single, and pcnnystones for a Cloth, to be vnderstood for a short Cloth coloured or white of twentie and foure yards long, waighing 60 ll vntill 64 ll, whereof English Custome was a Noble, and the Merchant Straunger thirteene shillings and foure pence, whereunto is added the auncient Custome heretofore paied by the Merchants of the Steele yard or Haunce townes being 14 pence, so together 14 s 6 a Cloth, besides the ouerlength of 3 d 1/2 the yard; which is of late comprised in the new Imposition of the pretermitted Custome for waighing of Clothes, at two pence the pound, so that a short Cloth paied in times past a noble, and now tenne shillings, besides the ouer-length, according to the weight, after the said rate of two pence for the pound; all which the Merchant stranger payeth double.

Citation Type  Statute/Legal Document
Page/Folio No. 195
Citation Year 1629