• Clothing related excerpts from the MS "Particulars of Sir George Chaworth's, afterwards Viscount Chaworth's, Embassy to the Infanta Isabella Glara Eu genia, Archduchess of Austria, the daughter of Philip the Second of Spain, and devoted partizan of the Romish faction, to condole with her, on the part of his sovereign, James the First, on the death of her husband, the Arch duke Albert."

    A detailed account of clothing bought and made for Sir George Choworth's trip to visit the Infanta. Transcribed from "The Loseley manuscripts: Manuscripts and other rare documents, illustrative of some of the more minute particulars of English history, biography, and manners, from the reign of Henry VIII. to that of James I., preserved in the muniment room of James More Molyneux, esq. at Loseley house, in Surrey", pub 1889

    Author: George Choworth
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1621
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1600 AD - 1699 AD


First, I furnished myselfe wth a cassack, breeches, and cloak of black cloth, called ffrench blew, verie fyne, and a stuff doblett of black perpetuarta. These were to be as my rydeing cloathes, wth slyvers of welch cotton ov' ye breeches, and a ryding coate wth Wyde sleeves ov' ye doblett when I jorneyed. The cloake and cassake being hansomely folded upp and putt into a blacke cotton cloake bagg and carryed by one of my pages.

Draper's byll of my black cloth.

Of fyne fflaunders black cloath at 24s ye yard, 5 yards for ye cassack, breiches, and cloak, 6li 6s.

Pounds: 6, Shillings: 6, Unit Price in Pence: 288
Unit Type: yard, Garment: Cassock, breeches and cloak, Fabric Amount: 5 yards, Fabric: flanders black cloth
Entry Type: Fabric/Materials Purchase, Color: Black

And for ye syde murneing cloake of the same cloth 3 y'ds and a halfe, 4li. 4s.

Pounds: 4, Shillings: 4, Unit Price in Pence: 288
Unit Type: yard, Garment: side mourning cloak, Fabric Amount: 3.5 yards, Fabric: flanders cloth
Entry Type: Fabric/Materials Purchase, Color: Black

4 yards and a halfe of fyne bayes to lyne ye cloake wth, at 4s. 6d [the yard,]1li 3d.

Pounds: 1, Pence: 3, Unit Price in Pence: 54
Unit Type: yard, Garment: cloak, Fabric Amount: bays, Fabric: 4.5 yards
Entry Type: Fabric/Materials Purchase

And 2 yards qr for to lyne ye cassack, 10s 2d

Shillings: 10, Pence: 2, Unit Price in Pence: 54
Unit Type: yard, Garment: cassock, Fabric Amount: 2.25 yards, Fabric: bays
Entry Type: Fabric/Materials Purchase

Note. That this parcell of cloth, yt is 3 yards and a halfe, was for a cloake, a syde one to murne and goe in there, wch shold be suteable to ye sayde ryding cloathes; and wearing stockins, would have shewed us another sute of apparele, but I fund ym there so generally in bayes, as I dyd nevr weare yt cloake; but at my comeing awaye onely ware my ryding sute wth my short cloake and boots, being much comended therby.