• Tailor's Bill for Amy Dudley (1566)

    A tailor's bill for clothing made for Amy Dudley, wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Essex. Taken from The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine: Volumes 17-18 by Edward Hungerford Goddard, published in 1878

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1566
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


for ii yards of Fustyane

Shillings: 2, Pence: 1

for ii ownces of theine lace<

Shillings: 16

for silke to the same

Shillings: 3, Pence: 4

for iiii yardes of pointinge ribbin<

Pence: 10

for fryse and bocerome to the roffes<

Pence: 8

sum total 65s 1d

These ii last parsells, Recd to make, from Mr Elis and delyvered to hym agayne mayd.

The hole some of all theyis bylls comes to 23l 10s 7d

Recd in part of payment of this hole byll, by the hands of Mr. Elis, 10 l

Rest deue of this byll, the sum of 13l 10s 7d

In the writing of John Dudley as follows:

In consideration of his long forbearing of his money, there is nothing abated of his Byll. Which said some of thirteen poundes ten shillings and sevenpence remayne due to the said William Edney by the right honerable Th' Erle of Lecester, for all manner of mourninge and other demands, from the beginning of the world till this xxvth of Februarie, Anno Octavo Elizabeth Regine.