• Tailor's Bill for Amy Dudley (1566)

    A tailor's bill for clothing made for Amy Dudley, wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Essex. Taken from The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine: Volumes 17-18 by Edward Hungerford Goddard, published in 1878

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1566
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


for ii ownces of grayne silke

Shillings: 6, Pence: 8

for Linnen clothe to the Bodyce and stocke

Shillings: 2

for makinge a round kyrtle, the foreparte of velvet with a fringe of blacke sylke and golde

Shillings: 2, Pence: 8

for iiii yards of Fustyane

Shillings: 3, Pence: 4

for making a lose gowne of rosset taffeta, the vith of July with 3 gards and 6 theine stripes the gard, cut and stript and truste with sarsnet<

Shillings: 18

for sylke to the same

Shillings: 5

for vi yardes of Fustyane

Shillings: 5, Pence: 10

for frece and buccorome to the roffes and coller

Pence: 12

for 5 yards of pointing ribbin

Pence: 14

for new translatynge the coller of your velvet gowne with gold fringe

Shillings: 2, Pence: 6

for makynge a mantle of clothe for the chife morner

Shillings: 6, Pence: 8

for makynge the slope, hood and tippit

Shillings: 5

summa: xxli vs vid

Imprimis, for makynge a Spanyshe gowne of velvet, with a fringe of blacke sylke and golde

Shillings: 8

for vi yards of Fustayne to lyne the gowne

Shillings: 5, Pence: 10

for 4 yards of pointinge ribbin to the vents<

Pence: 12

for fryse and bocarum to the roffes<

Pence: 8

for 1/2 a yard of sarsnet to lyne the for-slyves and coller

Shillings: 3

for makynge a lose gowne of damaske guarded byass

Shillings: 20

for iiii yards of cotton<

Shillings: 2, Pence: 8