• Wedyng apparell bought for my wyffe, Elizabeth Draper, the younger of Camberwell, agaynst 17 die Juuii, An Dei 1550, with dispensalls,

    Tailor's bill for wedding apparell. Found on page 39 of Arnold's Magazine of the Fine Arts, and Journal of Literature and Science: Volume 3 , published on January 1, 1834 by M. Arnold

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1550
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD

    The only provenancd/accession/reference information for the bill is that it was an
    account taken from "Lysons". This could be the multi-volume Magna Britannia by Daniel and Samuel Lysons, printed from 1814 through to 1822


First. Four ells of tawney taffeta, at 11s 6d the ell, for the Venyce gowne. 46s

Shillings: 46, Price per yard/ell: 11s 6d

Item. Seven yardes of silk chamlett crymsyn, at 7s 6d the yarde, for a kyrtle.

Shillings: 52, Pence: 6, Price per yard/ell: 7s 6d

Item. One yarde and a half of tawney velvet, to gard the Venyce gowne, at 15s the yarde.

Shillings: 22, Pence: 6, Price per yard/ell: 15 s

Item. Half a yard of crymsyn sattyn, for the fore slyves.

Shillings: 6, Pence: 8, Price per yard/ell: 12s 16d

Item. Eight yardes of russett black, at 4s 6d the yarde, for a Dutche gowne

Shillings: 35, Price per yard/ell: 4s 6d

Item. half a yarde tawney sattyn.

Shillings: 5, Price per yard/ell: 10s

Item. a yarde and a quarter of velvet black , to gard the Dutche gowne.

Shillings: 17, Pence: 8

Item. Six yardes of tawney damask, at 11s the yarde, for a kyrtle<

Shillings: 66, Price per yard/ell: 11s

Item. One yarde and half quarter, of skarlett, for a petycote, with plites.

Shillings: 20