Robes, late King Edwarde the VIth.

Firste, one robe of clothe of silver, lyned with white satten, of thorder of the St. Michell, with a brode border of embrodirie, with a wreathe of Venice gold, and the scallop shell, and a frenge of the same golde, and a small border aboute that; the grounde beinge blew vellat, embrodered with halfe moones of silver, with a whoode and a tippet of crymsen vellat, with a like embroderie, the tippet perished in one place with ratts, and a coate of clothe of silver, with demisleeves, with a frenge of Venice golde.

Item one Kirtle of Crymsen vellat lyned with white Taphata for the order of the garter.

Item one kirtle of Crimsen vellat lyned with white sarceonet with a border round aboute of Mynnever powdered with Armyons for the parliament robe.

Citation Type  Inventory
Citation Year 1602