Item<, one paire of pantobles of orenge-colour vellat, enbrodered upon with esse firmes and other knotts of seede pearle, and some ragged purle.


Item, one little bearinge sworde, with a pommell and hilts of iron, guilte.

Item, one sworde, with a pomell of sanguimarie.

Item, one canapie of crimson capha damaske to carrie over one, striped with lace of Venice golde and sylver, the handle mother-of-pearle.


A parasol?

Item<, fower lazarnes skines.


Item, in colletts of golde, in everie collet one ballas, one being broken, 23.

Item, one small jewell of golde, like a white lyon, with a flie on his side, standing upon a base or foote, garnished with twoe opalls, twoe verie little pearles, fyve rubies, one rubie pendaunt, and twoe little shorte cheines on the backe of the lyon.

Item, one fearn-braunche of golde, having therin a lyzard, a lady cow, and a snaile.

Item, one jewell of golde, with a flie and a spider in it upon a rose.

Item, in buttons with camewes, 18.

Item, one jewell of golde, like an Irish darte, garnished with fower small diamondes.

Jewells receaved by Sir Thomas Gorges, Knight, of the charge of the Ladie Katherine Howarde, Countesse of Nott.

Item, in greate rounde buttons of golde, enameled with sondry colours, each set with small sparks of rubies, and one pearle in the middest called greate bucklers, 72.

Item, one jewell of golde like a frogg, garnished with diamondes.

Jewells receaved by Sir Thomas Gorges, Knight, of Mrs. Mary Radcliffe.

Item, in buttons of golde like tortoyses, in each one a pearle, 454.

Item, one jewell of golde like a dasye, and small flowers aboute it, garnished with sparks of diamondes and rubies, with her Majestie's picture graven within a garnet, and a sprigge of three branches, garnished with sparks of rubies, one pearle in the topp, and a small pendaunte of sparks of diamondes.

Memorand. All the jewells before mencioned we receved by Sir Thomas Gorges, Knight, of Mrs. Mary Ratcliffe, were by him delivered over unto the charge of the said Mrs. Ratcliffe the 28th of Maye, 1603, in the presence of us, Edw. Carye. Tho. Knyvett. Fra. Gotton.