Item, one juppe and a saufegarde of brasell-colour cloth of silver, with a lace of gold and silver, with spangles upon carnacon satten.

Item, one juppe and saufegarde of orenge-colour, or marigolde-colour vellat, cut and uncutt, the sleeves and downe before garnished with a lace of Venice sylver, like essefirmes, and laide aboute with twoe plate laces of Venice silver.

Item<, one juppe and saufegarde of heare-colour capha, like golde flames of fire, and garnished with buttons, loupes, and lace of Venice silver, lyned with white plushe.


Item, one doublet of blacke clothe of golde, with dogges of silver.

Item, one dublett of straw-colour satten cut, and lyned with cloth of silver, embrodered upon with knotts, roses, and sonnes, of Venice golde and silver.

Item, one dublet of white satten, embrodered like seas, with fishes, castles, and sonne-beames, of Venice golde, silver, and silke of sondrie colours.

Item, one dublett of camerike, wrought with Venice golde, silver, and silke of sondrie colours, with white networke, striped with sylver.


Item<, one compasse lappe-clothe of white taphata, embrodered all over with sondrie antiques, lined with orenge-colour plushe.

Item, one mantle of white plush, with a pane of redd swanne-downe in the middest.


Item, towe remnants of blacke burrell, conteyninge both together 12 yeardes.

Item, one peece of tawney networke florished with golde, called 2 birds in the cage, conteyneing 23 yardes.

Item, two handekercheifes like barbers aprones.

Item, three peeces of baudekin of sondrye colours, each peece contayninge vii yardes. 21 yardes.

Item<, 19 remnants of white silke curle, contayninge in the whole 104 yardes.


Item, one fanne of white feathers, with a handle of golde, havinge two snakes wyndinge aboute it, garnished with a ball of diamondes in the ende, and a crowne on each side within a paire of winges garnished with diamondes, lackinge 6 diamondes.

Item, one fanne of feather of divers colours, the handle of golde, with a bear and a ragged staffe on both sides, and a lookinge glasse on thone side.

Item, one handle of golde enameled, set with small rubies and emerodes, lackinge 9 stones, with a shipp under saile on thone side.

Item, one handle of christall, garnished with sylver guilte, with a worde within the handle.

Item, one handle of elitropia, garnished with golde, set with sparks of diamondes, rubies, and sixe small pearles, lacking one diamonde.


Item<, one paire of pantobles of cloth of silver, embrodered with a mill.