• Will of Isabel Flemyng, Formerly Legh. From Surrey Archaeological Collections, Vol VII.

    Costume-related excerpts from the will of one Isabel Flemyng, formerly Leigh. Isabel was thrice-widowed when she died, and was quite rich.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1544
    1500 AD - 1599 AD

    Pg 246-255. A good deal of content in the will other than clothing referenced here--household linens and goods, jewelry, etc. Footnotes excellent.


Also I will that there be a Vestment made of my kurtill crymsen satten and that It will be gyven to Lewisham Churche

Allso I will therebe an Aulter clothe made of my damaske Jakett of white and grene for the highe awlter of Lewysham

And I give unto my daughter Anne hatclyffe my wreathed Ringe of goulde with a small poynted Dyamond my best bonnett of velvett and a blacke frontlett of velvett two silke Cusshynes of nedull worke.

To my son Nicholas Leighe my Ringe of goolde with a flatt dyamound my best fether bedd and boulster my great fustyanes my Sarcenet Sparver my qwillt of sylke and the hangyng of the Inner Great Chamber my beste fyne Carpett two silke Cusshynes of nedull woorke

And I gyve my daughter in lawe his wieff...my gowne of blacke dammaske my kurtle of blacke satten my beste dyapre table clothe nyne napkynnes of Damaske woorke one fyne cooverpayne my best diaper towell and I will she have my blacke saten gowne

To Malen Leighe theer daughter my best poomander of goolde my tawney satten gowne furred with mynks and my fynest bearing sheete

To Millicent Harman their daughter...my kirtle of blacke camblett my gowne of blacke Chamblett my best Velvett Sleves my best girdle harnesed with goolde my black Jeat beads gawded with goolde with the Armys of Pitty my tawny Chamblett frocke

And I gyve to her...my beste pettycote of Skarlett my best Lettice Capp my tawney Saten frocke my blacke damaske kirtle ...my best velvett Parthlett<

And I gyve to Fraunces merlonde my oulde velvett Bonnett withe the Froontlett to hitt, my clothe gowne furred with Calaber, and my Russells Frocke furred with black Coonny.

And I gyue to Dorothe Leighe my blacke clothe gown and my tawney Chamblett Kirtle.

And I gyue to Henry Leighes wief my new frocke of blacke Chamblett furred

And I gyue to Alice Wall my servante...one pair of good Canvas sheets, two of my owne Smockes, a duble Raile, two single Rayles and a kearcher lieng to gither in my Spruse cofer yn my Closett, my woorste frocke of Russells, my Russelles Kirtle, and my woorste Petycote

And I gyue to Dennyse Comporte two Smockes and two shillinges to bue her a Kerchyffe withall

At which time the Right Honorable Thomas Lorde Buckhurste, Lorde Highe Treasurer of Englande, George Lorde Hunsdon, Lorde Chamberlaine of her Majestie's House, Sir John Fortescue, Knighte, Chauncellor and Underthreasorer of Thexchequer, and Sir John Stanhope, Knighte, Threasorer of her Highnes Chamber, by vertue of her Highnes coniission, under the Greate Seale of Englande, bearing date the 4th daie of Julie, in the saide 42d yere of her Highnes raigne, to them, or to any three of them (wherof the Lorde Threasr or Lorde Chamblaine to be allwaies one) in that behalfe directed, did repaire to the saide Garderobe of the Robes, as well within the Courte as at the Tower of London, and Whitehall ; and there did take a perfecte Survey of all such Robes, Garments, and Jewells, and other P'cells as at that tyme were there founde to remaine. Accordinge to whiche S'vey they have caused to be written twoe severall bookes ; the one of whiche bookes is subscribed with the handes of the saide Comissioners, and remaineth for a chardge to the saide Office of the Robes ; the other is subscribed by the saide Sir Thomas Gorges, Knight, and remaineth with the saide Lorde Threasorer.