To Test the Dye

Take a small wooden bowl, and with it draw the bloom off to one side. If the dye in the vat appears yellow, then it is good. If it is grass green, then it is too sharp [caustic]. Pour in a pail of water that is not sour. If the dye appears sea green, then it is too soft [not caustic enough]. Take a pail full of Weinstein and let stand one hour. Before you dye, draw off the bloom with the little wooden bowl. Lift the bloom off and pour it back in again after you have stirred the vat and after you have dyed. When you have thus set up the vat and it has stood its time and has been rested, the dyeing will proceed quickly. The dye should not boil in the kettle, but only be warmed enough so that you can bear to keep your hand in it. When the dye is exhausted, make up again with Weinstein as you did at first, and let rest 12 hours before you dye again.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1677