231. Dyeing a skin green

Take the dung of a dog, a dove, and a cock: dissolve it into a broth, and put de-haired skins into it. Process them there for 2 days, then take them out, wash them and let them dry. Then take Asian alum, and remember to do with these as we taught above should be done in the case of the purple dye. Then take well-pounded weld, cook it with urine, and when it is cooked let it cool. Sew up the skins into the form of a wineskin, as we said in the case of the purple dye, and put the mixture into these skins, and rub them well, inflating them a bit, so that it has air; and process them thoroughly until the preparation is absorbed. After this pour off the composition, wash the skins once, and again take 4 oz. of lulax to each skin and 6 pounds of defrothed urine and when the lulax is mixed with the urine, put it on the skins, just as formerly you put on the weld broth; mix well, until the wetness in the mixture is absorbed and used up. Then pour off what is left over of the weld broth and the lulax, let it dry, and dye a sheepskin in it, as we said before in the case of purple dye. It will be green.

Citation Type  Leather Dye Recipe
Citation Year 800