166. The recipe for lulax

Take flowers of parsley, flowers of clean flax, and magma of violet of the two kinds above mentioned; that is, 1 part of the greater violet and 1 part of the lesser--now make such a magma not according to the recipe for azure but only with water. Again such magmas may also be made of the greater blue lilly-1 part. For use, both of the two magmas should be ground down into one and stored in a single glass jar. Make the magma of the lesser violet separately and make the magma of the greater blue separately. Then take 2 parts each of the parsley and the flax and 1 part of the lesser violet and 1 part of the greater one and add to one pound of magma 4 of frothed Egyptian alum, 2 solidi of the materials and 1 oz. of axle-grease soap without lime. Cook these a little, and grind 1 pound of deveined woad-leaves and mix them with the cooked magma; and grind thoroughly until it becomes powder, and put it in the sun to dry. This is lulax, light in color approaching azure, and of a good color because it does not settle out since it is made of flowers.

Citation Type  Pigment/Paint Recipe
Citation Year 800